FRIZ meets BioValley

The members and friends of BioValley Deutschland e.V. were invited on 5 July 2023 to get to know each other at the Freiburg Innovation Centre (FRIZ) and to individual presentations by companies.

After two years of construction, the Freiburg Innovation Centre (FRIZ) was opened on 28 September 2022. The first tenants have moved in. The technology centre is located on the grounds of the Technical Faculty of the University of Freiburg The new building is a highly modern and flexible office and laboratory building. The targeted location in the direct vicinity of universities and research institutions consistently promotes the close exchange of science and business as well as the transfer of knowledge and technology.

With this in mind, over 100 members of the BioValley network from Germany, France and Switzerland) met with the companies from the Innovation Centre.

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Biovalley Friz 02 20230705 163815

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Thirteen companies based at the FRIZ introduced themselves with short talks and presentations. Afterwards, there was plenty of time for networking and exchange.

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Media release (PDF)

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