BioValley Companies Day 2023: a huge success!
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Our members have reduced-cost access to services within the BioValley network and can use their membership for their own company communications.

Welcome to BioValley Deutschland e.V.

We are the German partner of the trinational Life Science Cluster BIOVALLEY:
We offer a communication platform for biotechnology and related sectors e.g., medical technology, health care technology, or pharmaceutical companies in the upper Rhine Valley.
BioValley Germany represents a scientific and industrial cluster in the region around Freiburg, Basel and Strasburg, one of the strongest biotechnology regions in Europe. We are a non-profit-making society, supporting innovative ideas of our members by offering a trinational cooperation network.

Our society covers a functional network of biotechnology and life science companies from Offenburg, Freiburg, Lörrach, Rheinfelden and Weil, together with trinational partner societies in Alsace and northern Switzerland. In parallel, we offer functional cooperation with the universities of Freiburg, Basel, Mulhouse and Strasburg. In addition, more than 30 private and public high-profile research institutions are located in this region. We offer companies and start-ups an active platform for developing collaboration projects.

Our offer covers scientific and business presentations (BioValley Group of Regulars) plus partnering events (BioValley Companies Day) in a relaxed atmosphere allowing exchange between company leaders. In a global world, a strong regional network offering direct, uncomplicated communication is a valuable asset for all SMEs.

Upcoming news from BioValley

For the eighth time since 2009, the BioValley Companies Day will take place on 9 May 2023,


Freiburg, Germany - November 23, 2023  The Black Forest Nanopore Meeting (BFNM)


The kick-off event of the future cluster nanodiag BW with more than a hundred


BioValley Deutschland e.V. offers relevant scientific and economic services to support the development of biotechnology in our region through a common platform.